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Linda DiBiosso

Jesus & the Wack-A-Mole vision

Praise Report from Linda DiBiosso - Apr 9 2007

Our group was worshipping at Latocki’s house on Tuesday as always. I began to get a vision from the Lord. As I watched this “movie” develop and play in my spirit, I had to laugh at what I was seeing because it was so comical, yet I knew….

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Susan Brodowicz

Vision during praise: "The Light is My Power"

Praise Report from Susan Brodowicz - Mar 21 2007

During praise Susan had a strong vision: “I realized then that they were not men, but warrior angels. There were not 100, not 1000, but hundreds of thousands – a voice said, “You didn’t realize how many warriors I have, did you? And these are only a small part of my army.”

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Yvonne Rogers

Rooftop JOY sign brings real joy.

Praise Report from Yvonne Rogers - Feb 4 2007

I obeyed…now have my own “JOY” sign on the roof of my garage. I am hoping that it provides the same blessing to others when they pass my house. God is so good and so willing to bless us … if we listen.

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Dick Blank

Praising God in the Hardest of Times brings Results

Praise Report from Dick Blank - Jan 12 2007

They had just explained that praising God with all their might at their weekly praise meeting, just two days after identifying their son’s body, was the only way they could muster the strength to get through the grief of his loss.

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Page Himes

Praise Jehovah Jireh for my miracle healing!

Praise Report from Page Himes - Jan 10 2007

A husband and wife agreed and believed together for the wife’s healing. They also both spoke faith-filled words over the situation. The results were a miracle and her doctor is getting “a second opinion”. Maybe he should ask the Master Doctor. Read her story…

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Wade Burleigh

Encouraged & blessed by your site

Praise Report from Wade Burleigh - Jan 10 2007

What a joy it is to surf your PraiseToys site on our laptops as Jennifer and I travel the country. The praise reports are so encouraging. It is difficult to pull away from reading the testimonies of God’s love and Grace, and the peace experienced through praise.

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Bonny Livernois

Private Praise is Intimate and Rewarding

Praise Report from Bonny Livernois - Nov 5 2006

The best times I have are with my piano and voice and I am praising the Lord with the song He put in my heart. It is very personal when I praise & worship alone with the King. I feel the presence of God so close to me.

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John Poirier

We prayed, listened, believed – then God supplied.

Praise Report from John Poirier - Sep 29 2006

We had a knock on our hotel door. We looked out the window and saw a man who was waving money at us. I thought he was crazy. I did not recognize him at all. I thought he could even have a weapon and was tricking us into opening the door . . .

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Diana Flores

Brought back to life in the midst of Praise Dancing!!!

Praise Report from Diana Flores - Sep 28 2006

My heart started beating very, very fast, and hard. I started to have a heart attack or stroke, I laid down on the floor. I saw a white bed, I was transferred to that bed. I saw JESUS, He…

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Bonny Livernois

"Praise in the Park" changing city.

Praise Report from Bonny Livernois - Sep 25 2006

As the drums started beating louder, I was drawn to them. I walked up to the drummers and I felt the Lord saying that with every beat of the drum He was going to set a captive free.

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